Happy Paws Pricing

The age old question...

Boarding Serives

Boarding Services are managed by a professional dog trainer and trained staff members. Rates are on a daily basis with a cut-off time of 6pm and are per pet:

  • Boarding Full Stay (Pick-Up between 6p & 7p): $60
  • Boarding Day Stay (Pick-Up between (9a & 6p): $45
  • Boarding After Hours Pick-Up (after 7p): $40 additional
  • Boarding After Hour Drop-Off (before 8a): $40 additional
  • Transportation (each way): $10
  • Boarding Walk - 30 minutes: $10*
  • Boarding Walk - 45 minutes: $15*
  • Boarding Walk - 60 minutes: $20*
  • Cat Boarding: $40
  • Bird Boarding: $10
  • Rabbits/Bunnies: $25
  • Guinea/Skinny Pigs: $25

*Boarding walks include GPS tracking, timer, and report card

In-Home Sitting

In-Home Sittings are when an experienced team member stays in a client's home. These services are charged on a daily rate and can be combined with other services such as DayCamp, DogWalks (if more than two walks are required), or Drop-ins depending on what your pet(s) may like. Please note there is an additional charge per pet, however, let us know if you have exotics as these are charged differently:

  • In-Home Sitting Full Stay (Owner Return 6p -9p): $75
  • In-Home Sitting Day Stay (Owner Return 9a - 6p): $45
  • In-Home Sitting After Hours Return (Sitter Required to Stay 9p - 7a): $50 additional
  • In-Home Sitting Additional Pet Rate: $15
  • Transportation each way: $10


Take breather and let your pup get some constructive social time while you're working or just want some time to do your own thing. DayCamp is offered in four hour increments and all dogs must be free of coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea and current on vaccines to attend:

  • DayCamp - 4 Hours: $25
  • DayCamp - 8 Hours: $35
  • DayCamp - 12 Hours: $45
  • Puppy DayCamp - 4 hours (8a -12p or 12p - 4p): $25

P.O.P.S. : Puppies ONLY Please Social

This is just for puppies and will be hosted on Saturday mornings from 9a - 10a. Six - Ten Spots will be available. Please e-mail for more information. This is for puppies from ages 10 weeks (proof of Boredetella vaccine required) through eight months.

  • $20 per P.O.P.S. session

Walks, Hikes, Running, and Outings

Happy Paws offers a variety of outdoor activities for your pup:

  • Dog Walk - 30 minutes: $25
  •     Additional pup: $10
  • Dog Walk - 45 minutes: $27
  •     Additional pup: $10
  • Dog Walk - 60 minutes: $30
  •     Additional pup: $10
  • Pack Walk - $20/pup
  • Hike - 4 hours: $50
  • SUP/Kayak Training (with owner): $50/session
  • SUP/Kayak Training (without owner): $75/session
  • Outdoor Adventure Training: $50/session**

**We do NOT provide rattlesnake avoidance training to dogs

Board and Trains

Brining a new puppy home is such an amazing time. It can also be one of the most tiring times. Board and Trains can help take some of the stress out of puppy parenthood. Board and Trains allow your pup to learn various skills such as basic obedience commands, leash skills, socialization, handling, and many other day-to-day experiences.

Board and Trains are extended to puppies starting from the age of 12 weeks and up. Board and Trains are offered in several different time increments, four, five, and six weeks, however, most puppies fall into the four to five week category. Three week board and trains are only offered when extensive training is already in place and the training goals are limited. 

Updates are provided through our Time to Pet App and a weekly call is scheduled for an update on progress. 

  • Board & Train Consultation: $250*
  • Board & Train - 3 weeks: $3800
  • Board & Train - 4 weeks: $4800
  • Board & Train - 5 weeks: $5600
  • Board & Train - 6 weeks: $6300

*(applies directly to package if moving forward with B&T)